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Alcohol / Drug Services

  • Minor In Possession / Consumption classes

  • Adult / Minor In Possession / Consumption classes

  • Other drug related education awareness classes

  • Alcohol and Drug / DUI Evaluations

  • 16 Hour DUI Seminars

  • Substance Abuse Prevention Services (SAP)

  • Low Intensity Outpatient Services

  • Harm Reduction Outpatient Services

  • Telehealth Addiction Services

A.D.A.P.T., Inc. is a Licensed Addiction Counseling Agency licensed through the state of North Dakota. We serve adults and provide education and treatment for individuals and in group settings.

We provide alcohol/drug evaluations, DUI evaluations, alcohol/drug treatment, substance abuse prevention and other educational awareness classes and seminars.

We implement telehealth addiction services, which is confidential and HIPAA compliant. We have the ability to conduct evaluations, treatment, group classes and individual counseling from locations around the state over the approved confidential internet site.

We provide these services in North Dakota with our headquarters located in Bismarck, ND and a satellite office in Dickinson, ND.  We have counselors based throughout the state ready to help you from any location you may be. 

We will adjust our services to meet the requirements of other states.

Our staff can provide a full continuum of alcohol/drug education awareness and addiction services (least restrictive to most restrictive).

Mental Health Services

  • Anger Management Evaluations and Classes

  • Domestic Violence Evaluations 

  • Domestic Violence Treatment (Duluth Model, Cognitive Restructuring) – 1 two hour session per week for 26 weeks

  • Domestic Violence Educational Awareness – 16-20 hour class

  • Cognitive Restructuring Courses

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Vocational Counseling

  • Other Group and Individualized Programs

Other Classes and Treatments

ADAPT provides the following classes for adults and juveniles with a minimum of 5 participants per class.

All fees are determined on an individual basis.


  • Bad Check Writing

  • Bullying Presentations and Educational Classes

  • Children of Divorce / Parent-Teen Conflict

  • Curfew

  • Grief/Loss

  • Harassment Prevention

  • Parenting

  • School Success

  • Shoplifting Prevention

  • Tobacco Prevention

  • Truancy Prevention

  • Divorced Parent

  • Faith Based Christian Community Service Program

ADAPT also provides school, community, faculty and

other provider training seminars on a contractual fee





Behavioral Health, Inc. 

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